roikkuva news 2020

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Compagnie Roikkuva will be touring with the brand new Chapiteau from August 2020:
Roikkuva’s Kulturpalast (Palace of Culture)
Visit us, we look forward to seeing you!

We show our own productions
Empire of Fools (New)
as well as guest production
Very Little Circus
of the Wakouwa Teatro from Ticino.

All information about the tour and the pre-sale can be found on the new website of
Roikkuva's Kulturpalast.

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Support our crowdfunding at!
We need your help! Our crowdfunding has just started, watch our video!

Although a large part of the financing for the new tent is secured, there are still a thousand things that belong to the tent on the tour and must be purchased or built: shower compartment with washing machine, fire extinguisher, headlights, emergency exit signs, sound console, cables, pallet wheelchair, credit card terminals, Kompotoi etc. etc.
The list is long and we need your help!

There are numerous exclusive rewards such as our stylish fairtrade T-shirts.

We thank all donors and are happy if you help us diligently with the sharing and application. Merci!

Click here for the campaign and the video.