Empire of Fools

Empire of Fools

A tragicomedy in the circus environment with glamorous, high-quality artistic acts

With the new piece Empire of Fools, the protagonists return to the original idea of ​​the traveling circus and bring it back to the village.

There is no classic circus program waiting for the audience, but an allusive, contemporary staging of the circus tradition with clowning, tightrope walking, aerial acrobatics and juggling, all in a small and intimate setting. A circus tent, a sawdust circle, closely surrounded by the steep grandstand and a close proximity to the artists in a unique atmosphere.
This is what modern circus looks like in small format.

No large ensemble would fit into this small format, so the ensemble only consists four artists ... and these four do everything themselves, throw clubs, balance on ropes, make music, drag, build, run the bar and much more. Nothing is hidden, no clandestine conversions, clowns played down, and there are no predators. At the most, a few very special horses ... There are simply these four who make their circus - and this circus is calm, wild, cranky and dreamy at the same time, without frills and glamor.

An exception in this simple circus world should perhaps be mentioned ... a sad Pierrot who gets lost in his dream.

Recommended for ages 7 and up.


Ulla Tikka, Andreas Muntwyler, und Gerardo Tetilla

Samuel Messerli

Concept / artistic directors:
Ulla Tikka, Andreas Muntwyler, Gerardo Tetilla

Compositions / musical director, live music:
Samuel Messerli

Roman Müller

Lighting design:
Rosario Ilardo

Sound / Sounddesign:
Lukas Stäger und Samuel Messerli

Patrik Pauli

Box office/Bar/allrounder:
Claudia Rüfenacht

Cie Roikkuva

Production manager:
Michael Durrer

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Fotos: Oliver Stegmann / Philippe Deutsch