Wiredance and music in dialogue

A full-length stage performance in which classical music and wire dance enter into an intimate dialogue.

Two musicians, a tightrope walker and a tightrope walker... touching, honest, willing to take risks.

This piece is a dance: a dance of sounds, a dance on the rope, a dance of encounter between movement and music, a dance in the moment.

Like an abstract painting that simply enchants with colors and dynamics, the four artists create a visual dream that touches, fascinates and makes the soul vibrate.

If you drop all the expectations of a story, of feats, tricks and sensations and dive into the moment with the four actors, you will be given a generous gift!

For BARgeflüster we were able to get the two virtuoso musicians from Germany
Wolfgang Fernow (double bass) and Felix Borel (violin) win.

Invite viewers into a relaxed, intimate bar atmosphere, immersing them in a world where immediacy and closeness are paramount. There is no performance stage and no grandstands in the classical sense, the performance takes place in the room, the performers are part of the inventory, and the guests are part of the room.

Ulla Tikka, Andreas Muntwyler
Wolfgang Fernow, Felix Borel
Oeil extérieure
Sarah Lerch

Das Stück ist geeignet für Bühne, Bar, Kneipe, Gartenbeiz und Dorfplatz.
Dauer: 60 Minuten

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