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BEAUTYFOOLS is a rapid artistic stage-show for young and old. Slapstick, wire dance, high-class acrobatics, dance, juggling and live music melt into a modern circus fary tale. Get immersed in to a multi-facetted kaleidoscope all around a delitghtfully chaotic wedding party and his illustrious guests.

The wedding chapel already plays and the first guests arrive. However, the bride is not dressed yet and from the bridegroom every trace is missing. Finally, driven by the rhythm of the chapel, the bride ventures the dance over the thin wire into the unknown. Her veil is wildly fluttering in the wind.
The party is long running when the bridegroom finally appears. His friend, emotionally at the end, tries clumsy to save him from the embarrassing situation. Meanwhile the guests are busy far too much with themselves. Here two headless ones comment wildly gesticulating what is going on, there a squiffy aunt, which dances lonely to a melancholy melody. When the bride and groom finally meet, a touching Pas-de-deux, a reckless, passionate dance follows up-high on the wire. But will it really come to the wedding or does only the illusion remain in the end?

The company Roikkuva tells this story with a lot of charm, humour, self-mockery ant poetry. Ulla Tikka and Andreas Muntwyler are one of the best wire dance couples worldwide. Together with the argentine actor and clown Gerardo Tetilla and composer and musician Lukas Stäger they form a many-sided virtuoso ensemble.

Ulla Tikka, Andreas Muntwyler, Gerardo Tetilla
Musician / Composer
Lukas Stäger

This production is primarily designed for street and open air stages.
Duration: 30 Minutes

Pictures by Sabine Burger